Friday, August 22, 2014

What Not To Do When Running in the Heat

If you're stubborn like me, you will read countless articles that tackle the issue of how to run on hot, humid days. Yet, you still will follow your own way of doing things. It's a habit of mine that I need to quit. However, for some odd reason, I convince myself that they have no idea what they are talking about. Why do I even look up articles then? There must be a spontaneous voice deep inside my stubborn self, urging me to follow the safe precautions, especially when it comes to running in hot weather. So, instead of providing tips that I probably will not follow, I will provide what not to do when it comes to running in hot, humid weather. All based on experience of course.

1. Running on a running path that is directly in the sun, without any shade.
2. Run without having any water on you, which includes, a running path that has no water fountain.
3. Deciding today is the day that you will try out a path filled with hills.
4. Run without any hat or visor to block the sun
5. Running in dark clothes
6. Having a headband that does not soak up the sweat pouring down your face. Eventually the sweat goes into your eye and effects you're contact so that you cannot see where you are even going. (yuck)
7. Deciding to run the most you have ever ran (5 miles no biggie, it's only a little hot weather)
8. Forcing yourself to go faster to beat your time the week before
9. Not stretching after that long run
10. Not replenishing the amount of water lost during that run, so that you feel all loopy throughout the day

 So overall, I represent a horrible example of how to run safely in the hot, humid days of summer. Since Chicago has finally realized it is August (yes, no more 60 degree days), it is important to be safe while working out outside. Staying hydrated is the number one importance, I believe, when it comes to these 90 degree days. So DRINK DRINK DRINK!!! Literally, glue a water bottle to yourself. Or, if it is dangerously too hot just forgo the exercise and tan. These hot days are very rare (in Chicago that is). So enjoy yourself, it's Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone!!! :D