Monday, August 18, 2014

Powdered Mess

Happy Monday everyone! It's official. Today marks exactly one week until I go back to school. So, pretty much have one more stress free week. Yikes! To end my summer (school free months), I participated in the Black Light Run on Saturday night. As much as I was exhausted from the night before, I actually had a really fun time. I got bombarded with glow in the dark powder which was the reason why I went. For months now, I have been seeing people posting pictures of them soaked in colorful powder looking all happy. I wanted to be one of those people so I decided to sign up. Plus, it's a run! Being the obsessed runner that I am, how could I turn down such an event?

I did try running the three mile course, but honestly it was really hard. The run consisted of 15,000 people who were mostly walkers. Therefore, if you wanted to run the entire event, you had to literally dodge people in the dark, while trying not to trip on the uneven gravel. I made an attempt to run, but didn't make it my first priority. My mission was to get destroyed with powder and glow in the dark. Needless to say, I completed that mission (evidence shown below)

             Selfie of the year for sure

Before we all got bombarded with powder

If your looking for a great time, I definitely recommend signing up for the Black light Run. Don't let the name "run" scare you. It's mostly just a huge rave that has the intention of being a running event, if you're dedicated enough. Just be prepared to have powder stuck in your hair for a couple of days. I am still trying to get the pink out. Fingers crossed it all comes out tonight!

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