Friday, August 15, 2014

Frantic Friday

I apologize I have been a busy bee this week. On Wednesday my lovely car almost gave me a flat. The message TIRE NEEDS AIR NOW made me take precaution and take my car into the dealership to get it fixed. So, I was held hostage at home with no car. It might have been a sign that I probably should start moving my stuff back into my room. I moved out of my apartment about a month ago and still have all my stuff thrown everywhere downstairs. I've been procrastinating cleaning it for so long. It was time for me to at least attempt to sort through my things. So I tackled that problem, or at least tried too. Then, yesterday I had transfer orientation, a complete waste of time. If anyone has gone through orientation for college before, you are familiar with the awkward ice breakers and games that make you feel like you are back in kindergarten. I understand that they want us to make friends, but I think we are old enough to socialize on our own. Especially since we are all transfer students, we have been through the "college experience" before. Anyways, aside the awkward waste of a day, I woke up late this morning, allowing me to get to work at 10:30. I get off at noon. I'm a determined person when it comes to making that dough (money) so I sped my way into work. Thank God I work for my dad. I probably would have been fired by now if I worked somewhere else. 

Soooooo anyways happy Friday!! Yayyy finally the lovely weekend. Even though, I want these weeks to go by slow. I start school a week from Monday and completely dreading it. New school, new people, new everything but it's exciting. Aside from being the lost little girl on campus, I am actually in a program towards the degree that I want. Yay nutrition!! 

This frantic Friday or at least frantic morning will end with a Miranda Lambert concert tonight. I am not a complete country fan, but I like her (as a person and a couple of her songs). Plus, I get to get all dressed up with a cute little dress and cowboy boots. That's part of the reason why I go to these things. Plus, the margaritas are to die for and I get to dance. My specialty! ;D

Hope you all have a lovely day!! 

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