Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's Sassy Saturday

Okay, sassy does not really describe today's events, but hey it rhymes (kind of ish).Anyways, good morning to all who love to wake up early on the weekend! This morning I had something happen to me that literally almost gave me a heartache. As embarrassing as it may sound, it had to do with my dearest iPhone. I almost killed it this morning. I left my phone on top of my car while I pumped gas and drove the whole way to work with it on top of my car. It was not until I made a wide turn, heard a thump nose, and thought OH MY GOD NOOOOOOOOOOO MY PHONE!!!! I parked in the nearest parking lot and ran like a maniac down one of the busiest streets in the suburbs of Chicago. At that point, I did not care if I looked like an idiot or got hit by a car, as long as, my phone was okay and not demolished. As I reached the intersection where I made the turn, there it was. Perfect condition and everything. I almost cried, I was so happy. Needless to say, I ran in the middle of the street, without even looking to see if cars were coming. Kind of a low point on my part but I NEEDED MY PHONE!! It's crazy how technology causes us to do crazy things. But, good news! My phone is saved and works like a charm :) Lesson of the day, the top of a car is not a safe place for a phone to be.
I hope your morning is more relaxing than mine has been. Happy Saturday and have a great weekend!!!

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