Friday, August 22, 2014

What Not To Do When Running in the Heat

If you're stubborn like me, you will read countless articles that tackle the issue of how to run on hot, humid days. Yet, you still will follow your own way of doing things. It's a habit of mine that I need to quit. However, for some odd reason, I convince myself that they have no idea what they are talking about. Why do I even look up articles then? There must be a spontaneous voice deep inside my stubborn self, urging me to follow the safe precautions, especially when it comes to running in hot weather. So, instead of providing tips that I probably will not follow, I will provide what not to do when it comes to running in hot, humid weather. All based on experience of course.

1. Running on a running path that is directly in the sun, without any shade.
2. Run without having any water on you, which includes, a running path that has no water fountain.
3. Deciding today is the day that you will try out a path filled with hills.
4. Run without any hat or visor to block the sun
5. Running in dark clothes
6. Having a headband that does not soak up the sweat pouring down your face. Eventually the sweat goes into your eye and effects you're contact so that you cannot see where you are even going. (yuck)
7. Deciding to run the most you have ever ran (5 miles no biggie, it's only a little hot weather)
8. Forcing yourself to go faster to beat your time the week before
9. Not stretching after that long run
10. Not replenishing the amount of water lost during that run, so that you feel all loopy throughout the day

 So overall, I represent a horrible example of how to run safely in the hot, humid days of summer. Since Chicago has finally realized it is August (yes, no more 60 degree days), it is important to be safe while working out outside. Staying hydrated is the number one importance, I believe, when it comes to these 90 degree days. So DRINK DRINK DRINK!!! Literally, glue a water bottle to yourself. Or, if it is dangerously too hot just forgo the exercise and tan. These hot days are very rare (in Chicago that is). So enjoy yourself, it's Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone!!! :D

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Tunes Tuesday Mix Two

I haven't bought any new music in what seems like a very long time. But, last night I decided I needed some new tunes. Just in time for new tunes Tuesday!! This weeks top eleven, (yes I added another great hit for all my followers), has a mix of dance music with some slow, chill music. Maybe, good to stretch or cool down with after a long, intense workout. Hope you all enjoy my picks! :D

  • Mess is Mine - Vance Joy
  • Doses & Mimosas - Cherub
  • Work it Out - Know Hamilton
  • Left Hand Free - Alt-J
  • Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
  • Never - All the Luck in the World
  • Express Yourself (Feat. Nicky da B) - Diplo
  • Legendary Lovers - Katy Perry
  • NRG (Shrillex, Kill the Noise, Milo, Otis Remix) - Duck Sauce
  • Shake it Out (Benny Bennassi Remix) - Florence + the Machine 
  • Neon Lights (Jump Smokers Remix) - Demi Lovato 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Powdered Mess

Happy Monday everyone! It's official. Today marks exactly one week until I go back to school. So, pretty much have one more stress free week. Yikes! To end my summer (school free months), I participated in the Black Light Run on Saturday night. As much as I was exhausted from the night before, I actually had a really fun time. I got bombarded with glow in the dark powder which was the reason why I went. For months now, I have been seeing people posting pictures of them soaked in colorful powder looking all happy. I wanted to be one of those people so I decided to sign up. Plus, it's a run! Being the obsessed runner that I am, how could I turn down such an event?

I did try running the three mile course, but honestly it was really hard. The run consisted of 15,000 people who were mostly walkers. Therefore, if you wanted to run the entire event, you had to literally dodge people in the dark, while trying not to trip on the uneven gravel. I made an attempt to run, but didn't make it my first priority. My mission was to get destroyed with powder and glow in the dark. Needless to say, I completed that mission (evidence shown below)

             Selfie of the year for sure

Before we all got bombarded with powder

If your looking for a great time, I definitely recommend signing up for the Black light Run. Don't let the name "run" scare you. It's mostly just a huge rave that has the intention of being a running event, if you're dedicated enough. Just be prepared to have powder stuck in your hair for a couple of days. I am still trying to get the pink out. Fingers crossed it all comes out tonight!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Frantic Friday

I apologize I have been a busy bee this week. On Wednesday my lovely car almost gave me a flat. The message TIRE NEEDS AIR NOW made me take precaution and take my car into the dealership to get it fixed. So, I was held hostage at home with no car. It might have been a sign that I probably should start moving my stuff back into my room. I moved out of my apartment about a month ago and still have all my stuff thrown everywhere downstairs. I've been procrastinating cleaning it for so long. It was time for me to at least attempt to sort through my things. So I tackled that problem, or at least tried too. Then, yesterday I had transfer orientation, a complete waste of time. If anyone has gone through orientation for college before, you are familiar with the awkward ice breakers and games that make you feel like you are back in kindergarten. I understand that they want us to make friends, but I think we are old enough to socialize on our own. Especially since we are all transfer students, we have been through the "college experience" before. Anyways, aside the awkward waste of a day, I woke up late this morning, allowing me to get to work at 10:30. I get off at noon. I'm a determined person when it comes to making that dough (money) so I sped my way into work. Thank God I work for my dad. I probably would have been fired by now if I worked somewhere else. 

Soooooo anyways happy Friday!! Yayyy finally the lovely weekend. Even though, I want these weeks to go by slow. I start school a week from Monday and completely dreading it. New school, new people, new everything but it's exciting. Aside from being the lost little girl on campus, I am actually in a program towards the degree that I want. Yay nutrition!! 

This frantic Friday or at least frantic morning will end with a Miranda Lambert concert tonight. I am not a complete country fan, but I like her (as a person and a couple of her songs). Plus, I get to get all dressed up with a cute little dress and cowboy boots. That's part of the reason why I go to these things. Plus, the margaritas are to die for and I get to dance. My specialty! ;D

Hope you all have a lovely day!! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Tunes Tuesday

If you are obsessed with iTunes as much as I am, you are familiar with Tuesday being infamous for new music and movies.  So, I thought of a great idea! Every Tuesday I would release a new mix of workout songs for everyone to enjoy. It's always fun to make new mixes, so here it goes....

Top Ten for this Week
  • I Got u (feat Jax Jones) - Duke Dumont 
  • I'm Ready - AJR 
  • Kill Everybody - Shrillex
  • Lightning (feat John Rzeznik)- Cash Cash
  • Pumpin Blood - NONONO
  • Love Runs Out - One Republic
  • Left Behinds- Paris Blohm & Taylr Renee
  • Revolution (Vocal Mix) - R3hab, Nervo, & Ummet Ozcan
  • What Now (Firebeatz Remix) - Rihanna 
  • This is How We Do - Katy Perry
Happy Tuesday! Keep on rockin :D 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Those Monday Blues

I don't know about you but today has been dragging on. But, hey its Monday! Here are some motivational quotes to help ya get through those Monday blues.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's Sassy Saturday

Okay, sassy does not really describe today's events, but hey it rhymes (kind of ish).Anyways, good morning to all who love to wake up early on the weekend! This morning I had something happen to me that literally almost gave me a heartache. As embarrassing as it may sound, it had to do with my dearest iPhone. I almost killed it this morning. I left my phone on top of my car while I pumped gas and drove the whole way to work with it on top of my car. It was not until I made a wide turn, heard a thump nose, and thought OH MY GOD NOOOOOOOOOOO MY PHONE!!!! I parked in the nearest parking lot and ran like a maniac down one of the busiest streets in the suburbs of Chicago. At that point, I did not care if I looked like an idiot or got hit by a car, as long as, my phone was okay and not demolished. As I reached the intersection where I made the turn, there it was. Perfect condition and everything. I almost cried, I was so happy. Needless to say, I ran in the middle of the street, without even looking to see if cars were coming. Kind of a low point on my part but I NEEDED MY PHONE!! It's crazy how technology causes us to do crazy things. But, good news! My phone is saved and works like a charm :) Lesson of the day, the top of a car is not a safe place for a phone to be.
I hope your morning is more relaxing than mine has been. Happy Saturday and have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Some motivation to Spike up your Thursday

I have to admit, yesterday's run was a struggle. I decided to break my routine of the good old gym cardio machines and go for a run. However, I was definitely huffing and puffing my way through my run. I found myself ending at a slower pace than I am used to. But then again ....

If that doesn't motivate you, maybe this fine man will.

Any movement is better than no movement at all. Just remember to cool down afterward. One of my main problems when I ran was getting into the habit of not cooling down. I would run my miles, all the way up to my driveway, and then grab a water and head inside. However, I felt very out of breathe and dizzy at times. Going from sprinting to barely any movement, just sounds dangerous, having my heart cool down on its own. Therefore, I advise anyone that does go on a long, fast run to cool down afterwards. Maybe even a lap around a pond or walking not even a half of a mile. Just walk until you feel that your body is cooled down. 

 Happy Thursday everyone!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stuck in a Funk? Time to Getting Moving

If you're like me, routine is your specialty. Weekdays I dedicate my workout indoors, at the gym. Then, weekends (preferably Sunday), I usually commit to running outside. However, today is such a nice day, I feel like going outside of my routine and running outside. Since last weekend was Lollapalooza, I was not able to do my Sunday morning run. I feel like I'm going through runner's withdrawal. I know I sound kind of nuts, but for anyone who loves running, the feeling afterward is what we all crave. Even though I do love my gym workouts (or more so the feeling after I have completed my gym workouts), I need a change. I need something more than being on a elliptical for an hour than doing the stair stepper while I watch daytime TV. I want a challenge!

If your stuck in a funk, one thing that always helps me is new music. I am a huge music lover so adding to my play list helps me get up and start moving.The problem that I found with a lot of workout or running play lists that are found online, is that they repeat a lot of the same songs. I love the radio but it overkills a lot of good songs. So, when it comes to working out, I love to listen to songs I have not heard before. Songs that won't make me want to press the next button. Below I listened some of the sounds found on my running play list. It is a lot of electric dance music (EDM), but the beats keep my feet moving. So, get up and dance!

Title                            Artist
Alive (Zedd Remix) - Empire of the Sun
Animals (Crockers Remix) - Mike Snow
Antidote - Swedish House Mafia
Bangarang (feat Sirah) - Shrillex
Beautiful People - Chris Brown
Bounce - Calvin Harris
Counting Stars - One Republic
Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) - Flight Facilities
Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia
Fall Into the Sky (feat. Ellie Goulding) - Zedd and Lucky Date
Feel So Close to You - Calvin Harris
Holding on to You - Twenty One Pilots
I Need Your Love (feat Ellie Goulding) - Calvin Harris
I.D.G.A.F.O.S. - Dillon Francis
Internet Friends - Knife Party
Kill Your Heroes - AWOLNATION
Language - Porter Robinson
Levels - Avicii
Light it Up - One Republic
Miracle Mile - Cold War Kids
Can't Stop Me (Club Mix) - Afrojack &Shermanology
Safe and Sound (Cash Cash Remix) - Capital Cities
I Could Be the One - Avicii vs. Nicky Romero
Boy Oh Boy - Diplo & GTA
DNA (Calvin Harris Remix) - Empire of the Sun
Pillz (Feat Green Velvet) - Flosstradamus & Yellow Claw
Born to Rage (USA version) - Dada Life
Bad (feat Vassy) - David Gueta
Ready for Action - Alvaro & Joey Dale
Dreaming (The Chainsmokers Remix) - Smallpools

Monday, August 4, 2014

I survived!!

One word to explain this weekend.... damn. For all those who have experienced Lollapalooza before, you know how exhausting it can be. However, going all three days is madness. Words cannot even describe how drained I feel at this moment. Not to mention, my allergies make me sound like I am dying today. But, aside from all the complaints, I have no regrets. Would do it all again next year!! 

Since Lollapalooza is a music festival, its only appropriate to name all the bands I got a chance to see:
Friday- Bombay Bicycle Club, Interpol, Cash Cash, Lorde, the beginning of Artic Monkeys, Zedd
Saturday- Vance Joy, Z-trip, a little bit of Temper Trap, Grouplove, Martin Garrix (got to see him mix his song Animals), Foster the People, Chase and Status, Calvin Harris
Sunday- Kongos, Bleachers, GTA, a little bit of NONO, Cage the Elephant, the ending of Airborne Toxic Event, Sebastian Ingrosso
Those are all the performances I remember going to at least.

Overall, it was a successful weekend. I really wished I could have seen Shrillex last night, but after walking all day long, my legs could not walk anymore. Literally, it was painful to walk, almost felt like someone punched me in the thighs. I had to limp all the way to the train. I blame Saturday for my painful leg syndrome. I danced WAY too much. Seriously, I think three hours straight I danced like a crazy person, dancing my way all the way to Calvin Harris. Funny thing was, I was completely sober. But the great thing about these festivals is that you can dance like a complete idiot and no one cares. Or at least, you blend in with the kids on drugs or the adult drunkies. Overall, it’s a great time. Just don’t wear Toms, worst feet support, especially if you’re a jumper, like myself.

As always I promised to take loads of pictures, which in the midst of the chaos I found time to take a few pics. 

This picture clearly was taken last night, on the walk home to the train. I was cold and limping in style with the fedora I bought at the festival. At this point, I just wanted to go home. Thank God for blankets!! 

Happy Monday everyone!! Hopefully, your Monday is more productive than mine will be.